Produce Swap at St. Albans, Largs Bay – this Saturday, 10 Feb 9:30-11am


St Alban’s Produce Swap

When: Saturday 10th February 9:30 – 11am

Where: St Alban’s Church 31 Jetty Rd, Largs Bay SA 5016 (map)

  • Doors will open at 9.30 for a cuppa and a chat with neighbours.
    The swap will be at 10.30.
  • Bring a basket/box/bag of your excess fruit, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, seeds, cuttings, baked goods/preserves (please label ingredients)
  • Fill your basket/box/bag up with the goodies other folk brought to share
  • Have a cuppa or two and a chat to your neighbours.


Bring what’s spare, swap and share!

Hope to see you there…

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Grow your own and forage: eat better without costing the earth

Food production and waste has a major impact. Our new series Life Swaps looks at how to live more sustainably, starting with better food choices

grow your own

Sitting down to lunch or dinner may not feel like an act of environmental destruction, yet all that eating isn’t doing the planet many favours. Vast quantities of water, chemicals, fuel and other resources are splurged on food production and transport, and then we devour only a fraction of that output.

Each year, Aussie consumers turf around 3.1m tonnes of edible food, which ends up rotting in landfill, giving off methane gases that further harm the environment.

The solution to this is simple: eat locally produced, chemical-free food and use it all up, just like our grandparents did. Across the country, grassroots initiatives exist to help Australians do just that – and fairly cheaply. So be inspired by our guide on how to eat better without costing the earth.

The easy option: buy certified organic food

The most obvious alternative is to buy organic food at the supermarket or via direct-to-your-door companies like Sydney’s Doorstep Organics and Adelaide’s Organic Box. It’s quick and easy, but look out for packaging green washing. Only foods that carry certification are guaranteed to have been produced without chemicals and synthetic fertilisers – products emblazoned with words like “all-natural” and “no nasties” are often all talk.

Confusingly, six bodies have department of agriculture approval to certify food as organic. NASAA Certified Organic and Australian Certified Organic are among the most well known, but there is also AUSQUAL, Bio-Dynamic Research Institute, Organic Food Chain and Safe Food Production Queensland.

The downside? Certified organic food is often more expensive, although buying in season can help keep costs down.

Swap and share to eat for free

Free food sharing movements around the country offer the chance to grab organic food without paying a cent. Homemade carts are popping up in front of homes and businesses, emblazoned with the words Grow Free. Organised via a closed Facebook group of 14,000 members, Grow Free encourages people to leave excess home-grown produce and seedlings at the carts. Anyone can grab what they need and swapping is encouraged but not completely necessary.

The brainchild of Andrew Barker, who lives in Strathalbyn, an hour south of Adelaide, the concept has spread to Perth and Victoria. “The fact that organic food is expensive immediately precludes a huge percentage of people and means they have to eat fairly nutritionally deficient crap. If I wasn’t growing it, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford a lot of organic food,” Barker said. “But sharing is really powerful. People feel joy and happiness when they give freely to one another, whether it’s their neighbour or a complete stranger through a sharing cart.”

Read the rest of the article.. click here

Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd
Koren Helbig  Sat 3 Feb 2018 08.19 AEDT

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Food and Thought – Young and Otherwise – at Bower Cottages – every last Saturday at 10am

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Food Swap and Kid’s Ecology at the Bower Cottages every last Saturday at 10 am

Bower Cottages Community Centre

200 Bower Road, Semaphore Park, Adelaide, South Australia 5019
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Compost Network Alert, May 13th, 2017.

1. St Alban’s Produce Swap – Saturday 13th May, St Albans, Jetty Road, Largs Bay
. The next St Alban’s Produce Swap is today! Doors will open at 9.30 for a cuppa and a chat with neighbours. The swap will be at 10.30. Here’s how it works:

  • Bring a basket/box/bag of your excess fruit, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, seeds, cuttings, baked goods/preserves (please label ingredients)
  • Fill your basket/box/bag up with the goodies other folk brought to share
  • Have a cuppa or two and a chat to your neighbours.
  • Bring what’s spare, swap and share!

Port-Adelaide-Environment-Forum-May-2017-Agenda2. Port Adelaide Environment Forum:

Thursday, May 18th, 7pm – 9pm, Town Hall. 
How do we reduce and manage waste in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways? A Waste Strategy for the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, Consultation led by Dr. Chris Colby– see flyer.

16904732_1375412399146126_4298304292879660771_o3. Bower Cottages Fruit n Veg Swap:

Saturday 27 May, 10am to 11am, 200 Bower Road, Semaphore Park.
Cut food miles, reduce waste, save money and get to know your neighbours at the Bower Cottages Fruit & Veg Swap on the last Saturday of every month! Come along & swap: fruits & vegetables, herbs , flowers, plants, cuttings, seeds and seedlings, home baked goods and preserves and most importantly ideas and information!
Last Saturday of every month. Produce is on the table by 10.15am; swap starts at 10.30am.

4. Little Buggers Club – Saturday 27th May, 10am to 11.30am, Bower Cottages, 200 Bower Road, Semaphore Park.
The Little Buggers Nature and Bug Club at Bower Cottages provides hands on invertebrate and nature education for kids! Make a gold coin donation and join Kristen Messenger from Bugs n Slugs in learning about and loving bugs and nature.
Takes place on the last Saturday of every month coinciding with the Bower Fruit n Veg Swap. Call 8408 1394 or email for more details.

PAE-Compost-Workshop-June-2017-A4-E4. Free Composting & Gardening Workshop – Saturday 3 Jun, 10 am – 1 pm
St Bedes, Semaphore – See flyer.


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Compost Network Alert, May 4th, 2017.

Free Composting & Gardening Workshop:  The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is providing Free gardening workshops with gardening specialists Alan Shepard and Chris Day. Alan will explain how to set-up and maintain your own composting system and worm farm at home and Chris will provide insight into growing your own vegetables and gardening in small spaces. Locally produced Calendula ointment, Comfrey cream and plants for sale, plus Iris giveaways! Tea and coffee will be available for a gold coin donation.

WHERE:  St Bede’s Anglican Church, 200 Military Road Semaphore

WHEN:  Workshops run 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Saturday, June 3rd , 2017

- 10:00am – 11:30am: Composting and worm farms at home.

- 11:30am – 1:00pm: Growing your own vegetables and gardening in small spaces.

Bookings are not required. For more information, contact Wendy at KESAB on 8234 7255 or


PAE Compost Workshop June 2017 A4

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Street Food to Share

Note surprise offerings reported in Messenger last week [pg 5]


FRUIT and vegetables – all fresh and free – are available from a cart in Port Adelaide.

Jo Seater, who owns the Lightfoot Eco Store on St Vincent St, has had the cart in front of her shop for the past week.

Members of the community with excess produce have filled it with lemons, figs and capsicums – and even some eggs too.

“It operates on a give what you can, take what you need proviso,” Ms Seater says.

“At least 12 people have brought food. It certainly is popular – there’s something new on the cart every day.”

She decided to place the cart in front of the store after an approach by one of her customers, Jackie AverayLawrie, who belongs to a “grow-free” movement, supplying free, organic and locally grown food.

“It’s all about growing your own food and sharing it,” Ms Seater says.

Ms Averay-Lawrie and fellow grow-free member Nicky Webb organised the cart, decorated it and stationed it on St Vincent St.

Ms Seater says she supported the initiative because it reduces waste and builds a closer community.

“I have customers who are in need of some fresh produce that doesn’t cost the earth and this doesn’t cost them anything unless they want to donate something back,” she says.

“I think this is a beautiful gesture and I was keen to support it.”

Portside Messenger  |  29 Mar 2017  |   |
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